You probably think I am going to talk about giving to the church offering, but I’m not.  There are so many more ways you can give of yourself than cash alone.  One way is to give time to teaching.  You can start out by teaching the school-age children and moving up to teaching adults.  By doing this, you will be giving your time by studying and giving your time to the students you teach.  Another way to give is to take part in the Sunday duties such as helping at the Lord’s table, leading in prayer, song leading and occasionally, preaching when the preacher is sick or out of town.  We also need a church treasurer and someone to print the weekly bulletins and to pass them out.  There is also a need for someone to greet the people coming to services but mostly to greet visitors who have never been to your church before.  If we make the visitors feel overwhelmingly welcome, maybe they will visit a second time.  How about the church grounds?  Is the lawn well manicured, weeds pulled from the flower beds but are there flowers in the flower beds?  Is the parking lot free of debris and no weeds in the cracks of the parking lot?  Is the inside of the building clean?  We do need help keeping the glass fingerprint free and the floor free of kleenex and candy wrappers.  Here’s a good one, are your restrooms spotless and how do they smell? 

Other ways we can give of ourselves is by visiting the sick and the elderly who can no longer get out.  You can even make these a meal because they may have much difficulty fixing a hot meal more than once or twice a week.  You might also visit those who are sick in a hospital.  Something to remember, all of these brothers and sisters want visitors, but we need not to overstay our visits with those who are sick.

Well, I’ve laid out many ways we can give of ourselves, but there is one more gift we can give that doesn’t cost a single penny.  We can give the gift of Jesus Christ to all we come in contact with, and it’s easy to do.  Invite them to worship services the next time we meet.