About Us

Our Teaching Program

The Courtland Avenue Church of Christ focuses on equipping one another with Bible knowledge through our Bible class program.  Effective students must first have effective teachers.  Our teacher preparation class helps ensure our teachers are prepared before ever entering the classroom to teach.  Additionally, each class studies the same material at every Bible study.  This allows grandparents, parents and children to study their Bibles together at home before coming to class and as a review after class.  We methodically study through the entire Bible every three years in two different cycles.  Each cycle emphasizes different parts of the Bible.  This method of study ensures a child who studies with us from 1st grade to 12th grade will have read through the Bible four times before ever graduating high school.  Additionally, we offer other forms of teaching outside of our Bible classes.  Bible Correspondence courses are available, various small groups (ladies’ classes, men’s training classes, youth) meet regularly and personal studies are always available.  We study the Bible because “faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God” (Romans 10:17).

Multi-Year Schedule

1st Quarter Survey of Genesis-Exodus 20 Divided Kingdom (prophets) The Gospel of John
2nd Quarter Survey of Deuteronomy-Ruth Captivity and Return(prophets) Acts and the Epistles (part 1)
3rd Quarter Wisdom Literature Harmony of the Gospels (1) The New Testament Epistles
4th Quarter United Kingdom (prophets) Harmony of the Gospels (2) Romans, Hebrews, Revelation